Friday, January 4, 2013

Campfire Flag Football



The Banding of the Humming Birds

 The banding of the humming birds takes place in the foothills above Indian Springs. Scientist (these ones were from Alaska) band the humming birds and record info about them (weight, size, type, ect) every year. The area is saturated with the colorful little birds! It is really cool to see and hear them buzzing around. 

They bring the birds to this table where they record all the info. When they are ready to release them, they set them in your hand. Sometimes, the birds will sit for a minute or two before taking off.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Hole

 In order to move my daycare downstairs, I had to have a secondary exit, which required cutting the foundation and installing a door. It was a huge, intimidating project. I had never done anything like this on my own before and I was extremely nervous. Thankfully, my awesome brother in law was my concrete guy and he was there for me every step of the way. Additionally, my (now) boyfriend Mark, was also a huge help and support source for me. It was a wonderful experience and when it was finally done, I felt really proud of myself! 

Let the digging begin!!

The company that cut the foundation used hand held saws, rather than the automatic kind that bolt to the wall. It was amazing to watch this guy handle that huge saw!

The Hole, inside view.

The Hole, outside view.

The walls were poured first.

And then the stairs. 
This is Randy, my bro in law and concrete guy. 

The finishing touch? 3 little hand prints, one for each member of my sweet little family. 

Easter 2012

 Coloring Easter Eggs!

I LOVE this picture! 

Hunting for the Easter Baskets!!!




YES!!! Good Job, Sis!


 Nice, sunny day = squinty eyes. lol!